How To Tighten Your Vag

how to tighten Loose pussyMany women suffer quietly with their loosening vagina muscles. It is very humiliating to ask for advice on such matters considered degrading. It is even more embarrassing if it affects your sex life. If your question is how to tighten your vag then look no further as this post will enlighten you on several things that you can do to tone up the muscles down there.

There are many myths on how to make your vagina tighter. There are even more myths on what makes a tight vagina loose. Some people say that too much sex or the size of a penis can make a vagina loose. A loose pussy is caused by natural factors like age, menopause and pregnancy. Many women advise wrongly on what one should do to tighten their vagina.

On how to make your vagina tighter, it is important to note what are the underlying causes for the looseness. It would make absolutely no sense to study how to make your vag tighter without reviewing the major causes of its loosening. The vagina is a muscle that is bound to wear and tear. Over time, it can become loose as age catches up. Pregnancy is a big factor in the loosening of vaginas. After pushing a baby, there is a likelihood that the vagina will not look or feel the same.

Here are tips to answer your burning question on how to make your vag tighter.

Kegel Exercises

These are exercises that were made to help strengthen the pelvic floor thus tightening the vagina. There are easy to do and can be done anywhere discreetly. There are apps to that effect. These apps monitor your progress while helping you do the exercises correctly. Most of the women who have just had a baby are advised to do the kegel exercises as they make the loose pussy go back to shape.

Use the v-tight gel

This is a magic tightening cream that helps tighten the muscles down there. It provides instantaneous results for those who wish to have the tightness fast. There are many products in the market to help with that. It is important to buy good products that will not harm your vagina.

Natural tightening lotion

There are lotions in the market, just as the creams, that allow you to be tight in minutes. You even can make love after a little while.

Organic therapies

There are natural herbs that have been used for ages to tighten the vagina. When used correctly, they provide a safe and alternative solution to medical creams and lotions. Besides making the vagina tight, they increase suppleness and can be used as aphrodisiacs. Some of these natural remedies include Oak gall, peuraria mirifica, and gooseberry.


Changes in the diet have helped some women suffering from a stretched vagina to see positive change down there. The body needs the right nutrients to remain firm which may be the reason why changes in diet help the vag muscles to remain firm.

Go on a vagina tightening program

The vagina tightening program is vigorous exercising program for the vagina using weights and balls that help the vagina to regain its tightness by working out. It takes a bit more time than the creams and lotions but it is a natural treatment that works.


There are many women who have resorted to medical attention to get a long-lasting solution to their loose vagina. Doctors often conduct vaginal reconstruction surgeries to restore tired muscles back to their younger, vivacious state. If you do not mind a little pain and the vagina is too loose, maybe vaginoplasty could help you recover your self-esteem and sex life.

The question on how to tighten you vag should be less troubling now. Use any of the remedies above to tighten your vagina for a healthier sex life and self-esteem.